New, elegantly detailed openings weave together the spaces of this historic home, reimagined for contemporary living.

Like many traditional houses, this 1915 home was distinguished by well-proportioned rooms, charmingly detailed, but far too compartmentalized for today’s fluid, contemporary lifestyles. The client sought a more modern plan, accomplished through modern means but respectful of the existing character of the home. A series of expansive new portals opens up views and passage from room to room, fostering interaction among family and guests.

The new openings are carefully proportioned and detailed to work in harmony with the historic wood paneling, while they frame the spaces into which they open. Fine ribbons of dark steel accent the frames in a distinctively modern voice that echoes the spare simplicity of the Classical moldings—a refined marriage of old and new.

That sense of refinement is fully distilled in the precisely crafted new kitchen, where friends and family gather around the large island, looking out an expanded window to the garden. The simple palette of materials forms a quiet backdrop to a vibrant life.

Photography: Ethan Kaplan