MEMarchitecture is service-driven. We tailor both service and design to our client’s unique needs and interests.

We insist on advanced construction methods and a collaborative project delivery process that takes full advantage of everyone’s expertise. We integrate smart home technologies and sustainable principles with refinement and sophistication. Houman Sharif is personally present throughout the process, from as early as site selection through occupancy and beyond—an ongoing advisor to satisfied clients.

We impose no preconceived language, instead realizing the client’s aesthetic preferences through a set of guiding principles—the importance of continuity and coherence, the joys of light and transparency, and purity in the use of materials.

For us, true sustainability comes from an attentive response to site and a seamless integration of high-performance systems, beginning with the earliest design studies, not from an overlay of idiosyncratic materials. Fundamentally, we believe that the details of the builder’s craft are essential for achieving the level of quality one expects in all the elements of one’s life, from clothing to automobiles to the domestic environment.

San Francisco, CA